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The Cynthia (Bai Mu Dan)

$ 30.00


Bai Mu Dan (Superfine Imperial White Peony 2013)

  • 1.15 oz. sold in a black tea caddy, or .5 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Category: White
  • Grown: Fuijan Province, China

Behind the Name

Cynthia Yates was born in upstate New York, where she began writing stories from an early age.  Although life gave her its share of challenges (divorce, being a single mother for a period of time, financial instability…), she continued to pursue her dream of becoming a writer, eventually publishing eight books and becoming a renowned public speaker.  With this Bai Mu Dan, we salute all of the American women working hard to achieve their goals and dreams -  often while raising a family.  Like the dreams American women pursue, this tea is very labor intensive, and takes much skill on the part of the tea pickers to harvest.  The delicate down is left intact on our superior quality white, which produces a tea with floral and withered fruit notes, and a yellow brew rich in antioxidants.  

Tea Sommelier's Notes

This remarkable white tea has a fragile nature.  The whole leaves are intact, underscoring the extreme care in harvesting and production.  This tea, as all white tea, comes from the Da Bai cultivar, or "big white" and  certainly adheres to the requirements of the "three whites": It is comprised of a leaf set of 2 leaves and a bud, the bud being covered in a downy fuzz, with " spring white down" on the underside of the leaves.

In the cup:  This white peony presents a darker yellow liquor than what may be usual for a white tea which is further felt as full-bodied in the mouth. There is a complexity in the flavors, pronounced  floral notes, some withered fruit and fresh green nuances.

In the mood:  A fancy brunch , perhaps served with Royal Tea (afternoon tea with champagne), or for an energy boost (this is one of our most caffeinated teas).

In the know:  White tea, especially this one which is handled so carefully, being more intact than other whites, has three times as many anti-oxidants (polyphenols) than black or green teas contain.  In fact, the cosmetic industry has discovered the anti aging effects of white tea, and top cosmetic lines have begun to use the tea in high end creams and lotions.  Laboratory tests on rats also confirm the ability of white tea to help keep bacteria from mutating.

In the brew vessel
:  2 Tbsp. (4g)/175-200 F(80 C)/Steep 5 - 7 minutes. Note that cooler temperatures produce a mellower, fruitier element in the tea, whereas hotter temperatures produce a tea with more complexity and body, more caffeine and distinct floral notes.
Please note:  The caffeine levels in this white may be higher than in green tea. 
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