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The Frank (Lan Xang)

$ 35.00


Lan Xang

  • 2 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, or 1 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Green, wild harvested Heirloom Varietal 
  • Laos, Lan Xang Rainforest, Pure Step tea garden
  • Certified organically grown, single origin, sustainable growing and harvest

Behind the Name

Often hailed as the greatest American architect of all time, Frank Lloyd Wright designed structures with an emphasis on harmony with both the humanity and environment surrounding his works.  Born in 1867 in Wisconsin, and living to the age of 91, Frank was extremely prolific both in his realized projects, and in his written works and drawings.  We are proud to offer you a tea which we believe matches Frank’s philosophy if it were applied to agriculture.  Lan Xang is sustainably wild-harvested from ancient trees (100-1200 years old), producing a rare heirloom varietal green tea.   

Tea Sommelier's Notes

This limited, rare varietal is wild-harvested from ancient tea trees and should be considered a special treat for the serious tea drinker.

In the cup: 
The vivid scent of orchids greets you when you bring cup to mouth and welcome this intriguing flavor of stone fruit and roasted chestnut. Young leaves create a soft green hue.

In the mood:
Rare, limited edition varietals can be considered one’s gift to oneself—perhaps a reward at the end of a difficult day or for a day well spent! As you would bring a fine bottle of champagne to table, bring this treasure to share with favored friends.

In the know:
This heirloom emerald is named Lan Xang, which means “Million Elephants,” and is harvested from trees as old as 1,200 years.

In the brewing vessel:  
1 heaping Tsp. to 8 oz. water/175 – 185 F (80 C): Fish Eyes (See our "Five Stages of Bringing Water to a Boil.")/ Steep 5 – 7 minutes. Up to 3 infusions. 

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