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The Winter (Dark Chocolate Peppermint)

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Dark Chocolate Peppermint
  • 3.0 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, 1.5 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Pu erh blend: pu erh, peppermint, pink peppercorns, dark chocolate nibs
  • Organically grown ingredients and nibs
Behind the Name

Even if you don't have a crackling fire, this tea will fill you with the joys of winter.  While most blended teas have a black tea base, this blend is unique in that it employs pu erh to give The Winter a satisfying hint of smokiness.  Add refreshing peppermint, the spice of pink peppercorns and delicious dark chocolate nibs, and you have yourself the perfect snow day beverage.  Add a dash of sugar to this spice. Sugar, spice and everything nice. 

Tea Sommelier's Notes

Dark chocolate and peppermint--does life get any better?

In the cup:
 This tisane darken to emulate chocolate when brewed, its chocolate/peppermint flavor profile.

In the mood:
 For a special treat

In the know:
 The pink peppercorns and peppermint combine with the chocolate in this tea to give the chocolate a bit of zing.

In the brewing vessel:
Ratio: 1 heaping Tsp. to 8 oz. water. Temperature to the boil: Dragon Eyes (See our "Five Stages of Bringing Water to a Boil.") Steep 7 – 10 minutes. One infusion. Drink from your favorite mug.

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