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My mother Sheila Renaud-Kahler and I founded Nelson and George with the goal of forming a uniquely American brand of tea that met with exacting quality standards and encompassed our passion and ideals.  While blogging about coffeeshops, I noticed the extensive attention given to coffee.  Specific origin (sometimes even as specific as the individual farm), careful processing (often roasted in small batches at the coffeehouse itself),  and extensive training for the baristas making the coffee based drinks were all commonplace, while teas seemed to be an afterthought.  

Turning to my Mother who had always loved tea, and had recently became certified as a Tea Sommelier, I suggested we form a company which would give tea the attention that had been given to coffee in all the coffeeshops I had visited while blogging.  Enthusiasts for our own health as well as that of the planet, we are life-long supporters of organic and sustainable food--and the tea we drink is no exception. While my Mom sought out teas that matched our ideals, I loved learning from her about tea, and discussing our collections, while I worked on the other aspects of forming this business, including giving "American" names to the teas.  

It has been empowering founding a company that embodies our ideals and values beginning with how the tea is sourced, and ending with donating a portion of our profits to charity.  While there are so many causes we would love to support, we focus our efforts on charities belonging to three categories: animal welfare charities in honor of Nelson, charities which relate to the preservation of American history in honor of George, and charities which help fellow woman entrepreneurs - especially those in the countries where we source our teas.  Keep a look out on our social media as we highlight these charities throughout the year!  


We love all the teas we have discovered, and we invite you to come along with us on this journey to discover the world outstanding of tea. 

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