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The James (Earl Grey)

$ 24.00


Earl Grey
  • 3 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, or 1.5 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Category: Black flavored tea
  •  Grown: China, Anhui Province, Qi'Men County, Qi 'Men Virgin Forest Preserve
  • Organically grown
Behind the Name

America’s fourth president, James Madison was also the youngest member of the Continental Congress, wrote most of “The Federalist Papers,” wrote the majority of "The Constitution," and all of "The Bill of Rights," and was the president of the University of Virginia.  We honor his service and dedicated work by naming our Bergamot Black - or Earl Grey - after him.  While the Bergamot oil, which gives Earl Grey it’s characteristic taste, was initially added to lower quality black tea in an effort to imitate a higher grade tea, our tea is made from high grade, organically grown, sustainably harvested heirloom variety black, and flavored with 
pure essential oil from the rind of Southeast Asia’s sour orange.  

Tea Sommelier's Notes

Earl Grey at its finest: not too mellow, not too overpowering or “artificial" in taste , the oil from the rind of Southeast Asia's sour orange (the mother varietal to Bergamot)is blended with leaves from the heirloom Zhu Ye (Oak Leaf) tea bush to produce a very balanced taste. 

In the know:
 There is nothing artificial about this tea: the leaves are sustainably harvested, single sourced and garden direct. It is what teas should be: organically grown, sustainable in the harvesting practices, and heirloom in the varietal grown.

In the cup
:  The taste which is delivered is robust with fragrant citral notes. The peace of mind comes from knowing that when drinking this tea, you drink the purest highest grade black tea and citrus available. 

In the mood:
 when the mood calls for a hearty black which is uplifted by a taste of refreshing and light citrus to put a bounce in one’s step, then reach for this tea: it is hearty yet uplifting and not 
too robust. 

In the brewing vessel:  1 Tbsp. (2.5g)/8 oz. water(240ml)/Temperature: 205 F ( 95 C): Dragon eyes  (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing Water to the Boil”)/Steep 3-5 mins.
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