The Harvey (Cream of Pu erh, 2013)

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Cream of Pu erh, 2013

  • .75 oz., sold exclusively as part of our Copper Collection in a copper tea caddy
  • Category: Pu erh
  • Grown:  China, Yunnan Province, Yiwu Mountains,

Behind the Name

The first openly gay politician to be elected to a public office in America, Harvey Milk served only 11 months as city supervisor in San Francisco before he was assassinated.  His focus was human rights issues, including public transportation, low-income housing, education, child care and gay-rights. Despite the brevity of his term, he was the able to see the passage of law prohibiting discrimination and unequal treatment based on sexual orientation.  We named our Cream of Pu erh after Harvey to honor his service and sacrifice.  As the name implies, this Chinese Pu erh is smooth and creamy with earthy notes, and a hint of ginseng at the finish.   

Tea Sommelier's Notes

This pu erh consists of little “nuggets” caused by the clumping of the most tender roots and shoots as it is being processed: there is a high percentage of pectin inherent in these leaves causing them to stick together during the fermenting process.  These leaves are then therefore considered to be high in vital substances, and are less bitter than many other teas.

In the cup:  The tea present with a deep, rich color, with an overall taste profile being smooth, silky and soft, with earthy notes and some ginseng in the finish.

In the know:  The name “cream” portends the taste as described above: silky and smooth, though rich and grounding.

In the mood:   As with most all pu erhs, this tea can warm you on different levels, and nourish: take it on a winter’s outing, after a meal with friends around the table, or just alone in front of the fire. 

In the brew:  3-4 Tsps. (5-6g, or two -thirds full gaiwan)/boiling water - Dragon Eyes: (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing water to the Boil”)/Steep about 20 seconds.  10-12 infusions possible. Increase the steeping time by about 10 seconds after each infusion.