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The Reckless (Matcha)

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Matcha, Grade A

  • 1.5 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Category: Green
  • Grown: China
  • Organically grown

Behind the Name

 Small yet fearless, Reckless was a horse that served the U.S. in the Korean War in 1950.   Known for her bravery, she  transported wounded soldiers and delivered ammunition, making over 51 solo trips in the battle of Panmunjom-Vegas alone, she was twice promoted to staff sergeant, and won numerous medals and accolades.  We believe Reckless would have found the herbaceous flavor typical of matchas most appealing were she to drink tea.  Made from ground Sen Cha tea leaves, this tea comes in powder form and is whisked with warm water rather than steeped like most teas.  This high grade, organically grown matcha can be enjoyed by itself or as the base for a tea latte.  

Tea sommelier’s notes

Matcha is Sen Cha which has been ground to a powder. 

In the cup:  Matcha is traditionally a lighter shade of green with a bit of white froth, producing a grassy and slightly bitter taste. The matcha latte - matcha tea with the addition of steamed milk - has become a popular way to enjoy this tea even in its country of origin, Japan (though our matcha is produced in China). 

In the know:  Matcha was traditionally used in the Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu) . A bamboo whisk is used to stir the tea before it is presented to the drinker.  Every step of the brewing of matcha was considered.

In the brewing vessel:  
Matcha is best enjoyed prepared using the traditional Japanese method, which produces a small amount of tea whisked in a clay bowl, rather than brewed in a pot.  
Traditional Japanese Method:  These bowls have in and of themselves become objects of beauty. Putting a high end organic Matcha in such bowl is therefore fitting and elevates the experience.
To brew using this traditional method, put 1/2 tsp. matcha  into 2 oz. 150 F/65 C water in a bowl, whisk till powder dissolves a few times around the bowl.  Cup the bowl in your hands to lift to your lips and enjoy!
For a cup of matcha tea:  2 tsp. (1.5-2g)/ 8 oz. water (240ml)/ 150 (65 C): Shrimp Eyes  (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing Water to a Boil.”)/ Whisk to blend. 
Matcha is also delicious as a tea latte. Use 1 part milk (cow, almond, hemp...), one part whisked tea. 
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