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The Nelson (Gunpowder)

$ 20.00


OSPREY GUNPOWDER SFG (Special Formosa Gunpowder)

  • 3 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, or 1.5 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Category: Green 
  • Grown: China, Zhejiang Province, tea estate west of Hangzhou in the hill country 
  • Organically grown

Behind the Name

Undeterred by the cacophony of battle, Nelson was George Washington’s favorite horse during the Revolutionary War.  It is said that the affection was mutual, as Nelson would always happily run to greet George, neighing his hello.  We named our superior quality gunpowder green in honor of Nelson and his service to America.  Grown above 1,550 ft, traditionally processed and organically grown, this green has a refreshing, clean taste.  


Tea Sommelier's Notes

A superior quality gunpowder, plucked during April, assuring high quality.  This organic gunpowder  is called “Osprey” due to its “high and soaring" quality, metaphorically linked by name to the bird which soars higher than most.  This tea is small batch crafted and fully organically grown above 1500 ft. in the hill country of Zhejiang Province in China.

In the cup:  This special new season green tea produces a dark green color profile, is slightly vegetative yet has surprising body, a captivating and clean taste. “Refreshing" also comes to mind when sipping this gripping green.  It is relatively low in caffeine, and very high in antioxidants.

In the mood:  Start the day with this green tea when you want the benefits of a green tea , but with a little more body to waken your senses!

In the know:  The name “gunpowder” was given by a young English clerk who thought the tiny rolled green balls looked like gunpowder.  The Chinese name for Gunpowder is Siaou Chu, which literally means large leaf.  Rolling the leaf has two effects on quality of the tea: it forces to the surface flavorful juices that otherwise would remain in the leaf. And helps to reduce the tea’s final water content.  The tea in this pellet shape into which it is rolled so tightly,  remains thereby fresher longer.  

In the brewing vessel:  1-2 Tsp.(1.5g)/8 oz. (240ml) water/180 F(82 C):  Crab-fish eyes (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing Water to the Boil”) /3 mins.  Up to 3 infusions possible.
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