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The Sacagawea (Sen Cha Asamushi)

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Sen Cha Asamushi:

  • 4.1 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, or 2 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Catagory: Green
  • Grown: Japan,  Shizuoka-prefecture
  • Organically grown

Brief Description

Bold with a sweet finish, this characteristically herbaceous, highest grade Japanese Sencha reminds us of Sacagawea, the Lemhi who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their great expedition of the Western United States.  Giving birth while on the expedition, rescuing important documents in a river from a  capsized boat, and acting as a fearless interpreter and generous friend, we hope you remember this American hero as you sip this tea. 

More In Depth

Another favorite from the genius of Master Sugimoto. Mountain-grown and hand-harvested, this reliable tea type has been a favorite in Japan for centuries. This tea is steamed for a much shorter time than other Sen Chas.

In the cup:
 Because of its shorter steam time, Sen Cha Assamushi delights with fresher  taste and sweet finish, and uplifts with a characteristic green fragrance and green-golden hue in the cup. It is also very high in antioxidants.

In the mood:
 Pair this old stalwart with delicate dishes or sushi. Excellent with shellfish. Include this tea in your next celebration.

In the know:
 Sen Cha is used in Japanese tea ceremonies that mark events of personal importance.

In the brewing vessel:
 1-2 tsps(1.2g)/ 8 oz. water(240ml)/ Temperature:   160-175F(75-80C): Crab Eyes  (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing Water to a Boil.”)/ Steep 1–3 minutes. Up to three infusions possible.


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