The Kittery (Green Mint Tea)

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Green Mint Tea Blend

  • 2.15 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, or 1 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Category: Green Blend
  • Grown: Taiwan, Taipei County (Green tea); Washington State, USA (Mint) 

Behind the Name

Named after the town where the Nelson and George tea company was founded, a sip of this tea is as refreshing as a breath of fresh Maine air.  Blended by Tea Master Frankee Muller, Moroccan mint blends with Taiwanese Gunpowder green tea to produce a minty yet slightly smokey profile.  Excellent both hot and iced, this tea is perfect for a seaside picnic, or a cozy cup of tea by the fire.  

Tea Sommelier's Notes

Blended by Tea Master Frankee Muller, mint is added to Pin Lin Gunpowder Green Tea, which is highly receptive to the addition of natural herbs.

In the cup:
 The flavor of peppermint comes through gently, and combines with Gunpowder beautifully to produce a mellow, slightly smoky profile.

In the mood:
 This tea is refreshing over ice. It would make an excellent addition to your picnic basket. Also a soothing after-dinner tonic to help with digestion.

In the know:
 Taiwan produces the world’s finest gunpowder teas. Making gunpowder tea is a complicated affair which involves pan-firing at precise temperatures, rolling, cutting, and drying.

In the brewing vessel:
 1-2 Tsp. (1.5-2g)/ 8 oz. water(240ml)/ Temperature: 160-175 F(65-75 C): Crab Eyes (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing Water to a Boil.”)/ Steep 2-3 minutes. Can infuse up to three times with diminishing returns on the mint.