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The Emily (Silver Needle)

$ 38.00


Silver Needle

  • 1.75 oz., sold in a black tea caddy, .75 oz. sold in a copper bag
  • Category: White
  • Grown: China, Fujian Province
  • Organically grown

Behind the Name

 Just like America’s great poet Emily Dickinson, this tea could be described as shy with great depth, as its flavors are subtle, yet it opens in the back of the palate to a more complex refreshing floral bouquet.  The rare, top grade white is carefully sorted to preserve the fuzzy down on each needle - a hallmark of this tea.  We suggest pairing this tea with poetry, specifically with Emily’s poem: “The Inundation of Spring.”


Tea Sommelier's Notes

As special, large leaves are naturally withered and go through a manual sorting, long “furry” white tips appear…Silver Needle Tea (Peony White Needle) is the top grade anywhere  of this sorting and is extremely rare. It  consists purely of the “furry” white bud : Long white uniform needles covered with furry down are hallmarks of this very rare white tea.

In the cup: This tea is highly regarded for its delicate yet complex flavor. It is pale yellow, and when allowed to cool will present its fullest flavor, which is both floral and sweet. It has been called “unbelievable,” and sweetens with a second steeping.

In the mood: When you want to feel refreshed and take a virtual walk in a spring meadow, this is the tea for you. Pair it with a mid-day non-chocolate treat.

In the know:This handcrafted, rare white is produced under the following strict guidelines: only harvested between March 15 and April 10; cannot be harvested if raining; cannot be harvested if dew is still on the leaves;size of leaves/bud must be uniform;there must be no damaged leaves (these will be put into a lower grade white). 

In the brewing vessel: 1-2 Tsp. (1.5-2g)/ 8 oz. water (240ml)/Temperature 175-190 F (80-90 C): String of Pearls  (Please see “Five Stages of Bringing Water to a Boil.”)/ Steep 5-7 minutes. Highly recommended to first rinse the leaves to release aroma and to soften. May be infused up to three times, increasing temperature by a couple of degrees with each infusion.


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