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Nelson and George

 - American Purveyors of fine tea -

Highest Grade - Ethically Sourced - Eco-conscious

We are a  mother-daughter team here at Nelson & George and we are driven by a passion for sourcing the highest quality teas, leading us  often to small family tea gardens, where the teas are most often grown organically and/or /biodynamically. We also put  sustainability at the forefront of our decision making whenever possible: sourcing  tea which is grown, processed and packaged in a sustainable fashion. We are based in Kittery, Maine, and, we use New England as our first choice when looking for suppliers or vendors. 

Further, as Americans, we sought also to convey a deep respect and appreciation for those unique Americans (people and animals!who have, often in profound ways, shaped our rich history.  Unfortunately America's relationship with tea was initially an estranged one (when we chose to brew tea in the harbor rather than in tea cups), and sadly we feel the relationship was never really mended.  While Americans drink this delightful brew today, we have much still to discover in the complex and fascinating world of tea.  In an effort to rejoin the story of tea with the story of America, we have renamed our teas after key people and animals who are part of the American story, and combined this with the story of each tea.  

May you enjoy every delicious sip!

We sell exclusively loose leaf tea in order to provide the highest grade, least processed product.  

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